Why are we called One Ocean Crew?

Through our transatlantic row One Ocean crew want to increase awareness and understanding of why the ocean matters to us all. Ocean literacy is central to this.

Ocean literacy is defined as ‘an understanding of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean’. It is widely considered to be a vital step in encouraging people to live and act more sustainably.

The first and most basic principle of ocean literacy is that Earth has one big ocean with many features. Different parts of the ocean are joined by one interconnected circulation system powered by winds, tides, the force of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun, and water density differences. This system moves energy, matter and organisms around the globe.

What happens in one part of the ocean can affect the other parts.

Although the ocean is large, it is finite, and its resources are limited. Our one ocean makes life on Earth possible.

Jen Cullom

Physiotherapist with GB & England Hockey


Jen works with GB hockey supporting the athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2021 and has previously worked with elite athletes from a number of sports.

Last year Jen completed her Masters and set up JCPhysio&Pilates providing physiotherapy and pilates in her local area. 

Previously Jen rowed for 6 years racing at Henley Women's Regatta and competed in the Boston Rowing Marathon. She moved to triathlon last year completing her first Half Ironman. Jen has been enjoying getting back on erg in preparation for the row with One Ocean crew.


Jen loves being by the ocean, especially running along the coastal paths. She is excited to be part of the One Ocean crew supporting ocean protection.

Janette Potgieter "JP" 

Corporate Investigator 


JP is a corporate investigator, specialising in data and technology. Her day job keeps her in and around the City of London, but she takes any and every opportunity to escape the city and is always looking for the next adventure to feed the adrenaline addiction.


Growing up in South Africa laid the foundation for being active outdoors, from hiking in the bush, bungee jumping off cliffs, to scuba diving in the tropical waters. Since moving to the Northern Hemisphere, JP has summited several peaks including EBC, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and Mont Blanc. Similar to fellow crew member Emily, JP took part in the 2017-18 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, sailing 13,007 miles from Uruguay to, and around, Australia.


Keen to follow the Atlantic’s trade winds, JP is excited to join forces with three amazing women to row across it and raise awareness of ocean protection.  First step will be to learn how to row!

Emily Woodason

Landscape Architect


Emily is a landscape architect with a passion for the environment and designing spaces that increase people’s connection with nature. Through her work and volunteering, she aims to raise awareness of the benefits of nature-based solutions for people and our planet.


Having learned to sail, kayak and windsurf at a young age, Emily loves any opportunity to be on the water. In 2017-18 she took part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, sailing 20,000 miles from the UK to Australia and placing second overall. She has recently taken up rowing and is enjoying being back on the water on the Thames in London.


Not content with sailing the Atlantic, Emily is now determined to row across it. Familiar with the hardships and isolation of ocean crossings, she is excited to work with One Ocean Crew to confront the Atlantic once more and to cross that finish line together.  

Erin Bastian

Kayaking & Wilderness Expedition Guide 


Erin is a passionate expedition kayaker, with a wealth of experience, both as a kayak coach, and wilderness guide. She runs her own expedition company; Evoke Adventure which allows her to lead expeditions worldwide. 


Erin has worked in the outdoors since she was 15, and loves it! She is equally at home in both the mountains, and on the sea. Working seasonally allows Erin to sneak away during the quite months, to take on her own adventures.


Erin can't help but crave new challenges and, always on the lookout for new remote areas she can explore, she's excited to experience the Atlantic with One Ocean Crew. 

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