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Why are we called the One Ocean Crew?

Through our transatlantic row the One Ocean crew want to increase awareness and understanding of why the ocean matters to us all. Ocean literacy is central to this.

Ocean literacy is defined as ‘an understanding of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean’. It is widely considered to be a vital step in encouraging people to live and act more sustainably.

The first and most basic principle of ocean literacy is that Earth has one big ocean with many features. Different parts of the ocean are joined by one interconnected circulation system powered by winds, tides, the force of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun, and water density differences. This system moves energy, matter and organisms around the globe.

What happens in one part of the ocean can affect the other parts.

Although the ocean is large, it is finite, and its resources are limited. Our one ocean makes life on Earth possible.

Jen Cullom

Physiotherapist with GB and England Hockey

Jen works with GB hockey supporting the athletes to the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and has previously worked with elite athletes from a number of sports.

Last year Jen completed her Masters and set up JCPhysio&Pilates providing physiotherapy and pilates in her local area. 

Previously Jen rowed for 6 years racing at Henley Women's Regatta and competed in the Boston Rowing Marathon. She moved to triathlon last year completing her first Half Ironman. Jen has been enjoying getting back on erg in preparation for the row with One Ocean crew.


Jen loves being by the ocean, especially running along the coastal paths. She is excited to be part of the One Ocean crew supporting ocean protection.

Leah Mink

Executive Assistant

Leah has always had passion for endurance, travel and the outdoors. Marrying the three of these is a constant in her life, starting with marathons then building to complete a biathlon in the Highlands of Scotland, Half Ironman triathlon on Phuket Thailand, Full Ironman in Mont Tremblant, Canada and a self-supported Crossing of the Atacama desert in Chile.


She continually strives to better her understanding of what the human body can withstand and is especially eager to be a part of the One Ocean crew team to work together to cross the Atlantic and help bring awareness to preserving our waters.

Natalie Hart

Author, strategic communications consultant and research advisor

Natalie's debut novel, Pieces of Me, was shortlisted for the Costa First Novel Award.

Natalie specialises in conflict and post-conflict environments. She has worked extensively across the Middle East and North Africa, including three years in Iraq and time spent living in Syria, Afghanistan and Tunisia.

This year Natalie changed course and set her sights on the ocean. She is now a communications consultant on ocean protection issues and communications lead for the Marine CoLABoration – a collaboration of marine-related NGOs.


Natalie loves CrossFit, hiking, snorkelling and generally being outdoors. She has sailed the
Atlantic in one direction and is excited for the challenge of rowing back the other way with the One Ocean crew.


Follow her on Twitter @Natalie GHart