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We aim to raise awareness for ocean protection,
encouraging people to live and act more sustainably

The first principal of ocean literacy states that the Earth has one big ocean with many features. Meaning that whatever happens in one part of the ocean can affect the other parts.

Although our ocean is large, its resources are limited and only around 7.5% of our ocean is protected. This is critical for people to understand as our ocean makes life on Earth possible. It is also why we have made it our mission to help protect this valuable, natural resource.

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What are One Ocean Crew doing to protect our ocean?

We are honoured to be raising money for the Sea Ranger Service. An organisation with an incredible mission statement: to preserve 1 million hectares of previous ocean biodiversity by 2050 whilst supporting 20,000 young people to kickstart a maritime career.

Our crew aims to inspire people to reconnect with nature. By increasing awareness and understanding of this precious natural resource we hope that we will be able to help protect it for future generations. Throughout our journey, we will be sharing our story with you and our global audience.

We are rowing across the Atlantic in the first eco rowing boat to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. By competing in an eco boat, we hope to demonstrate the potential for sustainable design and manufacturing.




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Our Eco Boat

Our Eco Boat is made in a way that has less impact on the environment

Our eco boat is as lightweight and as strong as other ocean rowing boats, but it's built in a way that has less impact on the environment. Her composite materials and the build process have been adapted to have a reduced environmental impact. The eco boat aligns one of our core campaign aims: to raise awareness for ocean protection. 


Our eco boat is named Vaquita, literally 'little cow', a species of porpoise  on the brink of extinction. Vaquita are the world's rarest marine mammal with an estimated 10 individuals remaining. This species of porpoise wasn't discovered until 1958, and now sadly we're on the brink of losing them forever.

Our boat comprises three main components:


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The Sea Ranger Service - Park Rangers for the Ocean

You’ve probably heard about park rangers for land, but have you heard of park rangers for the ocean?


One Ocean Crew is thrilled to announce the Sea Ranger Service as our designated charity for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.


The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise that trains unemployed youth and provides them with a stepping stone into a maritime career. After extensive training and a rigorous selection process led by navy veterans, the Sea Rangers are deployed to assist nations to manage Marine Protected Areas. 

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Marine Protected Areas are a vital way to restore the health of the ocean. They are zones where human activity is limited, allowing the environment to recover. Some scientists have compared the approach to physio for the ocean. While many governments are now officially designating these areas, their management and implementation remain a challenge. Sea Rangers are fulfilling this crucial management need and doing so in a way that can be scaled up and spread across the world.


As One Ocean Crew, what we love about the Sea Ranger Service is that it addresses the challenge of ocean protection in a way that tackles unemployment, creates shipbuilding jobs, trains young people for a maritime career and supports veterans in the process. It places a healthy thriving ocean and a prosperous society hand in hand. We believe that the Sea Ranger Service is the future of impactful ocean protection and we hope you will join us in supporting them! 

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