You’ve probably heard about park rangers for land, but have you heard of park rangers for the ocean?


One Ocean Crew is thrilled to announce the Sea Ranger Service as our designated charity for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.


The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise that trains unemployed youth and provides them with a stepping stone into a maritime career. After extensive training and a rigorous selection process led by navy veterans, the Sea Rangers are deployed to assist nations to manage Marine Protected Areas. 

Marine Protected Areas are a vital way to restore the health of the ocean. They are zones where human activity is limited, allowing the environment to recover. Some scientists have compared the approach to physio for the ocean. While many governments are now officially designating these areas, their management and implementation remain a challenge. Sea Rangers are fulfilling this crucial management need and doing so in a way that can be scaled up and spread across the world.


As One Ocean Crew, what we love about the Sea Ranger Service is that it addresses the challenge of ocean protection in a way that tackles unemployment, creates shipbuilding jobs, trains young people for a maritime career and supports veterans in the process. It places a healthy thriving ocean and a prosperous society hand in hand. We believe that the Sea Ranger Service is the future of impactful ocean protection and we hope you will join us in supporting them! 

The Sea Ranger Service - Park Rangers for the Ocean

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