Pioneer Club

A huge, heartfelt thank you goes out to our Pioneer Partners who have put their faith in us and share our vision of something better and more exciting than the status quo. These are the people who have supported us from the start and enabled this adventure to get off the ground. 

Equipment Sponsors

One Ocean Crew Family

It takes an enormous team to row across an ocean. Huge thanks goes out to all these people who have supported us to get this challenge off the ground and give back to charity. Thank you.

Ben Odom (Team Praetoarian) | John Hill | Anthony Venezia | Maddie Hinch (GB Hockey and Olympic Gold Medalist) | Lucy Currie | Susan Tierney | Dilber Nurdinova | Casey Wilkinson | Alice & Charlie Hart | Catherine & Steven Cassells | Richard & Liz Hood | Alan & Jane Cullom | Whitney Tilson | Kelly Skapurq

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