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Racing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean
Pushing our physical and mental boundaries 

The Race

In December 2021, One Ocean Crew will race across the Atlantic Ocean. Covering more than 3000 miles from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Antigua they will be completely self sufficient, powered only by strength, grit and determination.

The race will be relentless; rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off 24 hours a day and facing salt sores, sleep deprivation and the elements - it is no surprise that more people have been into space than successfully rowed the Atlantic. 

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Life on board

One Ocean Graphics-92.jpg
One Ocean Graphics-92.jpg
One Ocean Graphics-92.jpg
One Ocean Graphics-92.jpg
Blue Water

Our Eco Boat

Our eco boat is 8.5m long and 1.7m wide. She has three rowing positions, two watertight cabins at either end for sleeping, housing all our electronics including navigation and satellite communication equipment. All the food we need to keep us fuelled throughout our journey will need to be stored on board as well. 

She's self-righting in case of capsize when conditions get rough. There is no shower and our toilet is just a bucket tied on board! We have a water maker which will produce our drinking water and relies on solar energy. She is designed for speed not comfort but will contain everything we need to be self-sufficient on our Ocean crossing. 

We need to learn how to maintain and repair the boat and all our equipment for a successful crossing, being completely self sufficient on the crossing. 

Our boat, the equipment and all our food are one of our biggest outlays. To sponsor us, click the link below. 

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Snowy Mountains


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