Pioneer Partners

Pioneers are bold, brave and intrepid. They blaze trails, push boundaries and have a vision of something better and more exciting than the status quo. We are looking for pioneer sponsors who will put their faith in us and our voyage, and who will help us put down a deposit on a trusty vessel to get this adventure underway. We believe that the pioneer sponsors will share our principle of taking the road less travelled and will have a special place in our hearts (and on our website!) always.

Corporate Partners

We’re looking for both headline sponsors and other companies to contribute funds to our effort. Depending on the level of support you provide, we can offer to feature your brand on our boat, refer to you in our press work, give you shout-outs on our social media platforms and generally rave about how you have helped us. 


By supporting our transatlantic voyage you will be contributing to our campaign to raise awareness of why the ocean matters for life on this planet, for humankind, and for millions of individuals across the globe. You will be joining a wave of support for ocean protection that has gained huge momentum since Blue Planet II and is now at the forefront of public and press attention. Our campaign will provide you with a platform to tell the story of why the ocean matters to you as an organisation or individual.

Brand Ambassadors

We will need all sorts of equipment to get us across the Atlantic, from sunglasses to snacks to sportswear. We are looking for companies to donate their products or sponsor us for individual items. You can choose to sponsor us to buy a particular piece of equipment or, if you are a brand, you can donate some of your merchandise for us to feature in our campaign. We are looking for brands that are intrepid, innovative and environmentally-conscious to join us.

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