They say the biggest challenge in rowing an ocean is getting to the start line. Rowing across the Atlantic is not just a physical and mental challenge, it is a financial challenge too. We have a huge task of funding the row and importantly generating additional funds for our charity. At the end of the race, we will sell the boat and other substantial equipment and donate all funds to the Sea Ranger Service. That is why we are asking for your help.

How much does it cost to row an ocean? We think around £139,000. The figures below are based on discussions we have had other teams (past and present) and the Talisker Whisky race organisers. This is the best estimate we have to date.


Second hand boat with most equipment


Race Entry Fee


Shipping and boat storage


Expedition Food




Satellite Comms




Foul weather clothing


Mandatory courses




Medical kit


Extras (sunglasses, suncream, clothes etc)

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