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Food Glorious Food

With four months until race start, it's time to start planning the menus for our row. Every day we'll be alfresco dining on a mouthwatering selection of re-hydrated food a la bag, gourmet protein balls and an amuse bouche of trail mix, all washed down with a bottle of the house electrolytes.

One of the biggest tasks we will face as we prepare the boat for shipping to the Canaries is loading her full of food. We will need to carefully plan one ration bag per crew member per day. Each day's food pack will contain three dehydrated meals, a snack pack and nutritional supplements equating to a whopping 4,000 calories.

Our performance nutritionist, Dr Becky Townsend has been supporting us with tailored nutritional plans for training in the lead up to the row and with advice on what we need to keep us fueled and hydrated on the row.

In September we'll be heading out for a five day training row. This gives us the perfect opportunity to test out our ration packs and fine tune our menus for the race. Hopefully it will give us a bit more insight to the big questions: Will Jen be able to pack enough chocolate? Will there be a food that even JP can't stomach? Who will win the fight for the last tangy worm?

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