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Highlights and Thank Yous

This is one for all of you – to our supporters, our sponsors, and everyone who has put their faith in us. To our friends and family who have already been with us and experienced our highs and lows, our massive and long-lasting excitement, and those moments of concern. To all of you, this is a huge, heart-felt thank you.

There may be four of us physically rowing across the Atlantic Ocean this year, but there are so many people (all of you) in our team. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for joining our journey and supporting us in any way you can. It takes an enormous team to make the dream of rowing an ocean a reality and we really wouldn’t be here without you all.

Despite an absolute shocker of 2020, we are really lucky to have secured some brilliant sponsors to get our campaign off the ground. As a result, we have bought our ocean rowing boat, Vaquita (who is currently being rowed mid-Atlantic by the wonderful Bristol Gulls) and we cannot wait for her to return to the UK so we start our training on the ocean!

A huge thank you goes out to all our brilliant sponsors; TOPS: Health, Escendo Solutions; Acer; Sur Chocolates; Diamond Khan and Woods; Legend Press; ActivEat; Helly Hansen; Waterhaul; and BAM Clothing. You have allowed us to secure our boat and have supplied some of the essential kit we need for training and our Atlantic crossing.

An equally huge thank you goes out to those of you who have offered us support; be it reading a blog, or offering advice from your ocean rowing experience, to picking up a phone call to share in out latest news. All of it is invaluable. We a

re so glad to have you all onboard and are excited to share all the latest updates as our preparations unfold! Thanks for being part of our team!

Here are some our crew highlights of 2020:

- Kayaking off the Dorset coast in the sun

- When JP capsized her kayak without a wave in sight

- Dive bombing in Clevedon marine lake after our crew photo shoot

- Meeting the Sea Rangers, Max and Naisah (virtually!)

- Camping and bbq weekend

- Learning some Afrikaans courtesy of JP’s excellent teaching

- Visiting Vaquita (our ocean rowing boat) for the first time with the Bristol Gulls

- Emily and JP taking their first rowing strokes out on the Thames

- Erin taking her first rowing strokes on the lake in Wales

- Eating fish and chips on the beach, soaking in the ocean views together

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