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Vaquita for One Ocean Crew

We've worked with our incredible sponsor, Argentinian chocolate maker, Sur on a guest blog for their website. Here's a short snippet below:

When we heard about One Ocean Crew we didn’t think twice in supporting them and being part of this challenge with them. To make a Vaquita with them and to invite all our friends to know a little bit more in how 4 women are going to cross the Atlantic Ocean rowing.

In Argentina people make a Vaquita when there is a party or any other celebration among friends and everyone pays the bill together as one. We make a Vaquita to buy a present or to help get a resource that one dreamer cannot accomplish alone. Usually it starts when we look at each other,everyone is feeling the same and then someone says: “hacemos una vaquita?”. Vaquita is, amazingly enough the name of One Ocean’s Crew eco boat.

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