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Why One Ocean?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

One of our core campaign aims is to raise awareness for ocean protection. The first step in this process is to start the conversation on ‘ocean literacy’. Defined as an understanding of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean. It is widely considered to be a vital step in encouraging people to live and act more sustainably.

So why One Ocean? Well, first and foremost - the most basic principle of ocean literacy is that Earth has one big ocean with many features. Different parts of the ocean are joined by one interconnected circulation system powered by winds, tides, the force of the Earth’s rotation, the Sun, and water density differences. This system moves energy, matter and organisms around the globe. In other words - whatever happens in one part of the ocean can affect the other parts.

Although our ocean is large, its resources are limited and only around 7.5% of our ocean is protected. This is critical for people to understand as our ocean makes life on Earth possible. It is also why we have made it our mission to help protect this valuable, natural resource.

What are One Ocean Crew doing to protect our ocean?

Firstly, we are honoured to be raising money for the Sea Ranger Service. An organisation with an incredible mission statement: to preserve 1 million hectares of previous ocean biodiversity by 2050 whilst supporting 20,000 young people to kickstart a maritime career. The Sea Ranger Service is at the forefront of ocean conservation and we are delighted to be partnering with them to raise money for lifesaving equipment on board their new ship. The zero emission ships will be able to undertake environmental monitoring, conservation and research tasks contributing towards improving ocean health.

Secondly, our crew aims to inspire people to reconnect with nature, in particular with our ocean. By increasing awareness and understanding of this precious natural resource we hope that we will be able to protect it for future generations. Throughout our journey, we will be sharing our story with you. We’re working with a television producer to create a film about our adventure and hope to showcase the power and the beauty of the Atlantic ocean.

Thirdly, we are rowing across the Atlantic in an eco rowing boat! Our boat is the first eco R45 rowing boat to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. She is manufactured by Rannoch Adventure, using processes and materials that have less impact on the environment. The composite of our eco boat includes three main components: A foam core made from around 10,000 recycled plastic bottles; glass fibre manufactured using 100% renewable wind energy; and a ‘green’ epoxy derived from plant origin. By competing in an eco boat, we hope to demonstrate the potential for sustainable design and manufacturing.

One crew. One ocean. One health. One planet.

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2 comentarios

What better way to cross an ocean than on an old Coke bottle? Good luck!

Me gusta

Hi Erin and your crew.

Great first update.

You're all bonkers but what an adventure.

Have you written to Andy Knight of Palm Equipment. As you know he has a wealth of watery knowledge and may be a useful contact. Best wishes Ben

Me gusta
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